Printable Facebook Templates


This is a PDF template that closely resembles Facebook website ideal for first day of school getting to know activity or analyzing a historical/fictional character.



This is a PDF template that closely resembles Facebook website. This includes a Timeline page where students can post up to 2 status updates and “upload” 1 photo; and an About page where students fill in biographical information such as their favorite sports, music, quotations, TV shows, etc.

Students can individually use this to create a profile page for themselves or for a historical or fictional character. Ideal for individual work but can also be given to pairs or groups who can help each other develop and analyze a character. They can use photos, cut outs or draw on the parts that require pictures.

This is also a great way to get to know students if they do it in the first week of school. I use this template for our time capsule activity where students fill out the templates and we seal them in a box to be opened again at the end of the school year.

Files included:

  • FB Timeline page with labels
  • FB Timeline Page Blank Template (A3/A4)
  • FB Timeline Page Resizable Image (.jpeg format)
  • FB About page with labels
  • FB About Page Blank Template (A3/A4)
  • FB About Page Resizable Image (.jpeg format)


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